Simply Posh accepts gently used women's clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and men’s clothing and accessories in ready-for-sale condition. Many of our items come with original tags, boxes, dust bags and authenticity cards. Posh Jewelry welcomes fine jewelry all year round. If you have a recent appraisal, that’s great.


Consignment hours Tues-Sat 11am to 5pm. 25 Items or less! We do not take appointments.


We only take the best of the best. Items must be in excellent condition, pristine and thoughtfully presented. Fresh from the dry cleaners? Bring them in! Crammed into a shopping tote? Not so much. Items need to be on hangers.

Take a close look for any stains, rips, broken zippers or blemishes — we're picky! 


Ready to consign that gorgeous Armani winter coat? We'll take
it, as long as it's not the middle of July. Keep the seasons and weather in mind when you bring in your consignment pieces so that our inventory in the store reflects what's going on outside it. We want to give your items the best opportunity to sell!


As soon as we accept an item, it heads to the floor. Simply Posh prices each item according to market value, and when a lucky shopper takes it home, consignors get 40-50-60 percent of the selling price depending on the price scale. Checks payouts can be requested at any point during normal business hours, or use it as store credit for finding another gem to take home!


How long will Simply Posh keep my items?

All women’s and men’s consignments are held for a 90 day period. Jewelry consignments are held for 1 year. This may be extended at the discretion of Simply Posh, but an extension is not guaranteed. 

What happens if an item doesn't sell?

All unsold items need to be picked up at the end of the consignment period. After the consignment term expires items become Simply Posh property. You will not receive credit for items left after the 90 day term (one year for jewelry) and those items can be discounted or donated at our discretion.

 Do you make house calls to pick up items?

Our minimal in store staff limits our ability to offer this as a full-time service, however, we are happy to discuss the possibility. Give us a call!

 I have a gorgeous Chanel bag, but there's a small stain at the
bottom. Will you still take it? 

There are some items that can be sold with minor flaws, however, most pieces don't fall into this category. We're always happy to take a look, but no matter what the label, we won't be able to take anything that is seriously damaged. Oftentimes, a quick trip to the shoe repair or a few minutes with a spot remover makes the difference between a sellable and non-sellable item!

Simply Posh Consignment
Simply Posh Consignment
Simply Posh Consignment
Simply Posh Consignment
What is our


At Simply Posh we have three commission tiers, the tiers are as follow:

- 40% paid to you on items sold up to $100.00

- 50% paid to you on items sold between $100.00 - $499.99

- 60% paid to you on items sold over $500.00

Please call or email with any questions.

503.343.3444 or